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At To Be Calm all our products are carefully curated using the highest quality ingredients.Wherever possible natural ingredients are used such as coconut & soy wax in our candles to ensure a clean, fragrant and even burn. Our essential oils, body products and massage oils are 100% natural. We believe in the philosophy that using fragrance can create an optimal state of mind. 

Our Clients



  • "LOVE your Relax body wash & lotion cause it actually make me sleep peacefully & apparently it calm my nerves down too. Had the lotion applied on my dad and he had a good sleep now.."
    - Sheeda Ismail
  • "My go to place for candles since 2018, just love the various scents and how long each candle lasts. To know that they aren't just a bunch of synthetic chemicals put together makes it all the more attractive. Purchasing candles from To Be Calm has become a yearly or 6 monthly affair; it has become a household essential. Definitely recommend."
    - Christian
  • I have been fortunate enough to have done a few sessions of candle making with To Be Calm and I hope to do more. It is the ideal workshop for a group of friends celebrating or a group of work colleagues looking for a fun way to bond and learn something new. Cherylynne and her team are so knowledgeable and able to share with you the whole candle making and scent blending process in a way that is hands on, engaging, informative and empowering. You leave with a candle that not only looks gorgeous but is scented with your own signature blend. To Be Calm candles are made with the highest quality materials and oils and make your home a sanctuary. Only word of warning – it is quite addictive!'
    - Linda
  • "Thanks so much Cherlynne!! My family and friends are all eagerly awaiting for the candles, it’s really one of the most anticipated gifts during the Christmas holidays :)"
    - Annonymous
  • "Absolutely amazing. 5 friends and I were treated to a fabulous evening with smells to excite, awaken and relax. I couldn't recommend the candle making workshop more. It is simply wonderful. I will be back again."
    - Gemma Burns
  • "The highlight for me was smelling the many fragrances and choosing a beautiful one for my home. It was such a wonderful morning to spend with friends."
    - Neryn
  • "I have brought candles, salts and calming spray from ‘To Be Calm’. They all smell lovely and make the house smell lovely too. . They are perfect gift for friends, family and yourself. Totally recommend them."
    - -Lorna Kathleen
  • "I ADORE the candles and the quotes that come with them. Beautifully packaged and goodness, the scents are absolutely divine.."
    - Simone
  • "Wonderful Experience!! Had such a great day wit our instructors and really enjoyed the process of creating our unique essential oils. Definitely something that the entire family would enjoy!!"
    - -Samantha Olsen
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  • " CELEBRATE - Redcurrant & Fragrant Fir - Mini Candle. Our year-round favourite scent. We love the candle selection by To Be Calm but we always gravitate back to this one. Even after putting it in storage for a year, the candles still give off their fragrance with the same intensity as if it were newly bought."
    - -LP
  • "Pretty looking and lovely fragrance. Journey - Mini Candle Gift Box. This is my first purchase with To Be calm. Got the mini candle a s a gift. Loved the whole packaging and the fragrance feels very therapeutic and soothing... will definitely purchase more in the future and recommend this."
    - -J
  • "Bug Be Gone us great. Like this so much. Carry it in my daughter's bag and use it as and when necessary. 100% natural and smells good and works effectively too."
    - -Sien
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