About us

About 'To Be Calm'

Beautiful fragrances influence our emotions, thoughts, joyful memories and immediate state of mind like no other sensory stimulation. Throughout our lives we have associated happy, sharing and celebratory moments with the special fragrances and aromas that surrounded the events. Additionally, we can use fragrance to place ourselves in an optimal state of mind whilst working and to manage stressful situations.

Headquartered in Singapore, created by Cherylynne Clews, an Australian, passionate about using fragrance to place oneself and others in an optimal state of mind. 'I started this business as I always had a passion for fragrance and experimented a lot when I was younger with essential oils and loved candles. My love of fragrance continued and I actively used fragrance in my corporate career to help create an optimal state of mind for myself and fellow colleagues.  I would regularly share my various blends to cope with jet lag or stress. It became evident that there was a role I could play in bringing high-quality affordable fragrances to Singapore'. 

To Be Calm’s products are sensory, luxurious, beautifully presented and, of course, fragrant. All natural pure and blended Essential Oils feature organic ingredients sourced directly from growers and distillers worldwide, then produced in Australia to therapeutic and food grade standard. Candles are crafted from pure soy wax whilst diffusers are alcohol-free resulting in both products delivering a constant fragrance throw from start to finish, whilst soaps, creams and bath salts feature shea, coconut butter and Dead Sea salts respectively.

To Be Calm elevates the using and gifting of candles & home fragrance to a new, unique and very personalised level. Specialising in Soy Candles, Reed Diffusers, Stunning Seasonal & Customised Gifts and Essential Oils from Australia.

What our Customers have to say about us

Neryn (May 2018)
"The highlight for me was smelling the many fragrances and choosing a beautiful one for my home.  It was such a wonderful morning to spend with friends."

Priyanka Gogte Joglekar (April 2018)
"My favourite candle fragrance is the White Tea and Ginger. It's extremely soothing and I absolutely love it."

Tangs Singapore Eddie Lee Snr. Buyer (2017)
"Tangs Singapore is delighted to have launched To Be Calm a few years ago in our stores and it has been a staple home fragrance brand ever since. They have proven their floor return productivity and have since remained as one of the sought-after home fragrance and gifting brands. Customers love the creativity of their collection be it on the day-to-day or the festive season."

Gemma Burns (November 2017)
"Absolutely amazing. 5 friends and I were treated to a fabulous evening with smells to excite, awaken and relax. I couldn't recommend the candle making workshop more. It is simply wonderful. I will be back again."

Michaela Hrncirova (September 2017)
"I love your candles! Burning my third one now :) "

Luciana Rose (July 2017)
"I'm obsessed with scents and I have been using one other renown brand for my home but today i had purchase the Traveller Rest Coconut & Mango and the scent is so amazing that I'm already a fan! Can't wait to try out the White Tea Ginger Reed Diffuser!"

Jamie Tan Joshi (March 2017)
"I was given the candle as a gift and oh my, the smell lasted for days. Can't find candles that smell lasted like this. l was very sad that it ran out and thinking, oh no, where am I going to find this brand. So happy I found it and I'm going to stick to this brand. Great great quality of candles."

Tia Chen (May 2016)
"Your candles look/smell beautiful and i am especially loving "Beautiful Day" and Traveller's Journey". It is hard to decide on just one or two for my purchase because they ALL smell amazing! Kudos to your friendly saleslady from Tangs for her impeccable service and wonderful recommendations."

Nithya Priyan (November 2015)
"Kudos to TBC for sourcing and using the talents of local Singaporean artists on their products and packaging."

Lynn Simpson (July 2015)
"I was given one of the candles as a gift and it is beautiful, smells divine would recommend one of these candles, to anyone wanting to buy one of these as a gift
or even just for themselves."

Simone Consigliere (October 2013)
"I ADORE the candles and the quotes that come with them. Beautifully packaged and goodness, the scents are absolutely divine."

Papergirl Pam Yee (August 2013)
"Love it all!! Every scented candles has a story! Perfect gift to your love ones and a MUST to have in your home! THANK YOU "TO BE CALM" ! See you around the corner!"