Customised for Corporate

The creation of a great work environment is more than the layout of an office; it is the less tangible feel and atmosphere within the workplace. To Be Calm’s essential oil based fragrances will subtly enhance the workspace, creating a fresh, calm atmosphere that fosters harmony, encourages a positive frame of mind and improves focus.

There are many ways to bring positive aromas into the workspace through the extensive range of To Be Calm fragrances and products. Whether it be our refreshing room sprays for a quick burst of freshness or the consistent fragrance dispersed by a candle/reed diffuser or an electronic diffuser, with essential oils.

For larger areas, To Be Calm’s big space fragrance dispensing systems are an ideal way to introduce clean, fresh and uplifting fragrances throughout offices, hotel lobbies, schools and factories.  For companies or retailers wishing to create their own customised scent, a To Be Calm consultant would be happy to meet with you. 

The To Be Calm’s collection of corporate inspired candles, diffusers and essential oil blends such as Mindfulness, Energise & Calm provide an opportunity to help team members optimize their work environments and demonstrates a unique way of caring and empathizing with the busy demands of everyday work.

It’s the little things that matter!

Identify, Create, Enjoy.