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To Be Calm’s unique and beautiful range of candles, reed diffusers and essential oil products are popular corporate gift choices with many high-profile local and international companies and organisations. A To Be Calm gift, with your corporate branding is the perfect expression of care, support and gratitude to your valued business partners.




Inscribed as the first and only tropical garden by UNESCO World Heritage Site, To Be Calm is honoured to have been selected by The Singapore Botanic Gardens to create its bespoke fragrance range for Diffusers and Room Sprays. The iconic Tembusu fragrance and magical aromas of the Singapore Botanic Gardens have been captured in a range of specially designed products available at the Botanical Garden Gift Store.


To Be Calm is proud to be a retail partner of Design Orchard. Situated at the very heart of Singapore's beloved Orchard Road shopping district, Design Orchard showcases the very best of Singapore's design and creativity.

Singapore Airlines' KrisShop with both in-flight duty-free and online shopping is another valued partner of To Be Calm, helping to reach the most experienced and discerning shoppers.


 To Be Calm proudly supports local artists through its collaboration with members of the Artist Development Programme in Pathlight School, a school for talented young people with autism and related challenges.


Together with To Be Calm, create gifts your team and valued partners will really love and long remember. Bring your branding and gestures of appreciation into the homes and hearts at the most special times throughout the year.

To Be Calm has extensive product collections of seasonal and thoughtfully created fragrance gifts including candles, reed diffusers, essential oils and essential oil based body products. All made with the highest quality ingredients, they are stylish, highly desirable and will be appreciated throughout the festive and sharing times of the year. 

WELLNESS RANGE is extensive and lends itself to those spontaneous reward and recognition/positivity messaging gifts for employees.  We can help customise perfect gifts for any occasion and event.

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Whether you are looking at a full customisation of both fragrance and branding, white-labelling or a small collection of thoughtfully branded products, we look forward to collaborating with you to create a memorable and meaningful gift that will be long enjoyed and appreciated.