Essential Oil Roller Ball Interactive Workshop

       Enjoy a fun and informative session with To Be Calm as we take you on a journey of the benefits of essential oils and provide guidance on the creation of specific ‘Wellness’ blends.  Essential oils may be used singly or in a combination to bring about curative and restorative processes to the mind and body.


In establishing our Essential Oil Roller Ball workshop considerable thought was given to the range of essential oils to be made available. Every essential oil has very distinct properties that can be used to treat a myriad of things.  Depending on what it is you would like to solve or explore we are confident that the range of oils and the teaching of how to blend them will be a truly beneficial and enlightening experience as you learn more about the incredible benefits of pure essential oils.  

What will we cover

-Learn how essential oils influence our moods and emotions.

-Learn how to blend essential oils and how they interact with the brain. 

-Understand the various methods of applications.

-Learn about the different types of stress we can experience and why each type of stress responds differently to certain oils.

-Learn how to create an optimal learning environment.

-Improve sleep and help tired children settle.

-Focus more/stress less?

-Learn which oils are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, energising or calming.

Each participant will

 -Create two rollerball blends to take home

- Receive a soft copy of comprehensive ‘Wellness Workbook’ and ‘Wellness Guide’ which outlines how to maximise the benefits of essential oils containing a range of helpful recipes 


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The class is 90 minutes 

Cost $65.00 includes refreshment of Tea/Coffee & Pastry 


To Be Calm’s essential oils are sourced from growers and distillers all around the world, they are 100% natural and produced to therapeutic and food grade standards.