Enjoy a candle making workshop with To Be Calm.

At the end of this workshop you will have created your own beautiful candle, with a bespoke fragrance that you chose by smelling from the myriad of fragrances and blending carefully.

You will have learnt why fragrance is so relatable and how the sense of smell triggers memories far greater than the sense of sight.

How you can use fragrance to create your own optimal state of mind.

Learn about the fragrance pyramid. How top notes, middle notes & base notes all have a role to play in fragrance selection and the ‘throw’ of the fragrance.

Gain an appreciation for the different types of wax and how certain waxes perform differently.

Most of all be inspired, creative and hands on as you sniff, melt & pour your own Soy wax fragrant candle creation to take home. 

Recent testimonial:

'I have been fortunate enough to have done a few sessions of candle making with To Be Calm and I hope to do more. It is the ideal workshop for a group of friends celebrating or a group of work colleagues looking for a fun way to bond and learn something new. Cherylynne and her team are so knowledgeable and able to share with you the whole candle making and scent blending process in a way that is hands on, engaging, informative and empowering. You leave with a candle that not only looks gorgeous but is scented with your own signature blend. To Be Calm candles are made with the highest quality materials and oils and make your home a sanctuary.  Only word of warning – it is quite addictive!' Linda Feb 2019