To Be Calm has collaborated with The Art Faculty by Pathlight celebrating the abilities of people with Autism and related challenges. 

To Be Calm is excited to announce that it has created a very special product that will be available for sale on the Singapore Airlines (SIA) online retail platform KrisShop in partnership with The Art Faculty by Pathlight.

To Be Calm is proud to be showing their support for local artists with disabilities by collaborating with members of the Artist Development Programme in Pathlight School, a school for children with autism. 

The initiative is a collaborative effort by SIA, SG Enable - an agency dedicated to enabling persons with disabilities - and the Autism Resource Centre (ARC) which started the Pathlight School. It is part of SG Enable's i'mable campaign.

"i'mable' aims to create a marketplace for curated quality goods and products by persons with disabilities. This helps to develop more work opportunities and a steady income stream for special needs artists and makers. It is also the first such initiative by SIA with the disability sector in Singapore, and will see the artwork of artists with special needs travel on SIA's extensive network, promoting the abilities and inclusion of persons with disabilities on a global platform.

To Be Calm created a beautiful set of 3 scented candles curated for the discerning traveller. Packaged in a sleek gift box embellished with a majestic ink drawing of Singapore's iconic Merlion by differently-abled artist Gavin. Artwork has been treated in SIA's gold and navy signature colours, accompanied with a stylish, understated watermark of SIA's batik motif.  The candles are natural soy wax scented by essential oil and high quality perfume; lead-free cotton wick. Burn time for each candle: 25 hours.

Gavin, 20, is the artist who designed the artwork on the To Be Calm Soy Candle trio packaging, in addition to this work, he enjoys creating grand compositions of pirate ships and warships.  He renders his ships with uncanny sea-worthy realism and detailing. To Be Calm is delighted to partner with such awe inspiring artists who are bringing to life their wonderful skills.

All proceeds from the sale of these products by the Pathlight School artists will go to the Autism Resource Centre.

Support the Cause.  Celebrate Abilities with The Art Faculty.