• Bergamot - Single Essential Oil 10ml

Bergamot - Single Essential Oil 10ml

Bergamot (Citrus Bergamia) 100% Natural & Therapeutic Pure Essential Oil

Aroma: Fresh citrus

Bergamot essential oil has a light, delicate Citrus scent. Known for its uplifting and restoring qualities.

Bergamot's antibacterial properties make it an excellent alternative to natural deodorant and skin rejuvenator. For aromatic or topical use.


Encourages concentration and sharpens the senses. Useful for relieving headaches and migraine.

Directions for use

Diffuse: add 6-8 drops

Topical: 1 -2 drops

Do not ingest. Pure essential oils are very potent - use care and dilute prior to use. Avoid direct sunlight if applying to skin.

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