• Thyme - Single Essential Oil 10ml

Thyme - Single Essential Oil 10ml

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Thyme (Thymus Vulgaris) 100% Natural & Therapeutic Pure Essential Oil

Aroma: Spicy and Grounding

Thyme is a multifunctional culinary herb that can be effectively used for helping to clear airways and promote smoother breathing. 

Purposes:  Antiviral, Decongestant,  Provide relief for coughs and colds, Alleviate Hair Loss, Insect Repellent

Directions for use

Diffuse: add 6-8 drops

Topical: 1 -2 drops

Avoid direct sunlight if applying to skin. Pure essential oils are very potent - use care and dilute prior to use.

Do not ingest




Customer Reviews

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Shirley Tung
Calming & improve alertness

I add Thyme oil to my usual diffuser blend as it has a stimulating aroma that will promote a sense of alertness. Great for kids study time! It is also an immune-boosting herb that has antibacterial properties.

Amber Ng
Great one!

It helps to clear my congested nose and its is a good Insect repellent! I don't need to spray any thing, mosquitoes are no where to be found

Thyme essential oil

First time trying Thyme essential oil. We use it in our car, just a few drops and it is long lasting. Lite in smells and refreshing at the same time ^^

Jaime Chan
Calm and sinus relieving

Very good for kids and adult with sinus which helps to clear while we sleep at night. By diffusing this at night it also calm and make my room smell so nice

Great Essential Oil!

The Thyme EO is very calming and it gives the room a nice tinge of spicy and grounding scent. Its numerous benefits as an antiviral, decongestant, provide relief for cough and colds, an insect repellent, etc. makes it a perfect purchase for the family.