• tobecalm-Women 2-Grapefruit, Lime & Sage-Aromatherapy Roller Ball 10ml

Women 2 - Grapefruit, Lime & Sage - Aromatherapy Roller Ball 10ml

Designed to provide relief from hot flushes and night sweats associated with menopause.  Massage into the body to provide a  cooling effect to the skin and  help balance emotions.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Product. Contains pure essential oils of Grapefruit, Lime,  Sage, Thyme blended with pure Jojoba oil

Directions for use

Apply to the soles of your feet at bedtime. May also apply to pulse points and
massage into abdomen

At To Be Calm we are committed to creating an optimal state of mind through the use thoughtful use of fragrance and nourishing body products. Whether it be to energise, relax, sleep or simply surround yourself with delightful fragrances to soothe the soul. Enjoy.




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