Jet Lag Recovery - Wellness Kit


  • Product Description

      The Jet Lag recovery kit consists of a 30mL massage oil to help the lymphatic system with fluid retention and reduce sluggishness. A brilliant must-have product for the busy traveller or when you have experienced long periods of inactivity/desk-bound workers. When your body is feeling sluggish, congested or needs a boost aromatherapy massage is the perfect helper. After air travel or periods of inactivity use with lymphatic massage on legs and feet or other affected areas as required.

      The Aromatherapy roller balls of Clear Mind- a synergistic blends of pure essential oils including Peppermint, Eucalyptus & Citrus with a base of Jojoba Oil is designed to keep the mind present and engaged. Assists in providing clarity of thought, removing fogginess and sharpening the senses while Relax is a synergistic blends of pure essential oils including Lavender & Geranium with a base of Jojoba Oil designed to help you relax and calm ones mind and emotions and to assist with sleeping at the end of the day.

      All packaged in a robust portable 'grab & go' style of box with the oils nicely encased in foam. Great for the laptop bag or handbag.

      At To Be Calm we are committed to creating an optimal state of mind through the use thoughtful use of fragrance and nourishing body products. Whether it be to energise, relax, sleep or simply surround yourself with delightful fragrances to soothe the soul. Enjoy.

      • 30mL massage oil x 1
      • 10mL aromatherapy roller ball x 2
      • All Natural
      • Product of Australia