• Breathe Mini Candle & Linen Spray - Gift Set
  • Breathe Mini Candle & Linen Spray - Gift Set
  • Harmony - Sea Salt & Sage - Mini Candle

Breathe Mini Candle & Linen Spray - Gift Set

Clear the mind with this refreshing gift set containing a pure essential oil blend Eucalyptus, Myrtle & Tea Tree room spray and an uplifting candle fragranced with the fresh notes of Bergamot & Sage. 

With our Home & Linen Spray, infuse your home with the fragrances you love. Our all natural room and linen sprays contain pure Essential Oils with each recipe. Great for travelling to mitigate seasonal cold & flu.

Enjoy a favourite Mini Candle containing uplifting essential oils & fragrance oils with a time of 25 hours.

The Breathe Gift Set has a fragrance containing pure essential oils from Australia. Wake up your mind with these invigorating essential oil infused fragrances of Eucalyptus, Myrtle & Tea Tree.

    • 100ml of Breathe Home & Linen Spray, infused with essential oils from Australia.
    • Mini Candle - Harmony 
  • Fragrance: Fresh notes of Sea Salt, Bergamot & Sage, all very clearing fragrances to the senses.   Burn time of 25 hours. 120 grams of Pure Soy Candle - Harmony