White Porcelain - Tea Caddy Candle

These elegant Porcelain Tea Caddies are a gorgeous way in which to capture the Orient.  With beautiful details such as the double happiness symbol on the lid, this Caddy makes a perfect gift or beautiful ornamental candle for your home.

Particularly elegant as they burn with the translucency of the porcelain glowing like a lantern.

The Tea Caddy can be reused if you wish to make another candle or you may choose to use it as a universal container of other products.

Fragrance: Choice of fragrance.  Choose from any one of To Be Calm's Large Candle collection and we will hand pour the fragrance of your choice.

Alternatively, refer to our Candle Making Classes where you could create your own and choose from over 100 fragrances. We specialise in Seasonal fragrances as well for Christmas & Chinese New Year.

Note: A customised Tea Caddy Candle will take one week to be made and delivered.  

  • $75.00