Singapore Heritage - Tembusu Tree - Medium Soy Candle

  • $40.00

Standing proud across the Island of Singapore, the magnificent heritage listed Tembusu Tree releases the most intoxicating aroma from thousands of tiny flowers high in the foliage. The fragrance is particularly beautiful in early mornings and evenings.

The artist's impression reflects one of Singapore’s most famous Tembusu Trees located at the exotic Singapore Botanical Gardens and featured on the Singapore five dollar note.

Visually stunning, the packaging reflects an artist's impression of the places from which these fragrances have been inspired. A wonderful gift or memento of places enjoyed and fondly remembered.

Creating an optimal state of mind through the use of beautiful and holistic fragrances.

Burn time up to 40 hours
Hand Poured
All Natural cotton wick
Contains natural soy and coconut wax
High-quality fragrance and essential oils


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Amber Ng
    Can't imagine I could smell my Singapore $5 note.

    It is in a pretty glass container where I can just place it at anywhere in my home as a deco, warming up the room with a luxurious fragrance.

    It has a fragrance similar to thousands of fresh sweet jasmine with a hint of lemon. Loving that warm calming scent.

    Super long lasting!

    Love this soy candle has high-quality fragrance and essential oils. It contains natural soy and coconut wax. It is hand poured, all natural cotton wick, and handmade in Australia. Enjoy the fragrance for up to 40 hours!