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This collection contains a selection of soon-to-expire and expired essential oils.

Pure essential oils do not go rancid and they don't have a hardset expiration date. Over time, however, essential oils can oxidize, deteriorate, and gradually lose their therapeutic value and aromatic quality.


Important note: FOR SOON-TO-EXPIRE OILS:

  • Please be aware that the essential oils included in this sale are approaching their expiry date. While they may not be fresh off the production line, they still maintain their functionality and purpose.
  • Our essential oils are made from 100% pure essential oils and it's important to note that essential oils don’t expire in the same way as perishable food items. Instead, they undergo a natural process of oxidization once exposed to air upon opening the bottle. Factors such as light and heat can accelerate this process. However, rest assured that these essential oils have been properly stored to mitigate any adverse effects of oxidization.
  • We ensure that all essential oils included in this sale have been stored under optimal conditions to maintain their quality and efficacy until the expiry date.

Important note: FOR EXPIRED OILS:

  • We do not recommend using expired oils directly onto the skin.
  • While these oils may have passed their prime for traditional use, they can still serve a purpose in various applications around your home.

What to do with “expired” essential oils?

Here are a few ideas for what to do with essential oils once they’ve reached that point:

  • Diffusion: If you still enjoy the scent of the oil, using it in a diffuser is perfectly safe.
  • Laundry: Keep your fabrics smelling fresh by adding a drop or two of essential oil to your laundry. Avoid direct application onto fabric.
  • Cleaning: Essential oils can be used in various homemade cleaning solutions, such as fridge fresheners and window sprays. 

Please check the EXPIRY DATE indicated on the product name of each product. Do note that the 'Second sales' items are NON-EXCHANGEABLE. Your purchase of these items will be taken as your acknowledgment and acceptance of the specified expiry date. *Valid while stocks last.

While these items may be sealed and brand new, they are nearing expiry dates or already expired. Therefore, they are best suited for personal use.



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