Beautiful Day - Moso Bamboo - Reed Diffuser


  • Product Description

      What's not to like about giving someone or treating yourself to 'A Beautiful Day'.  A most uplifting fresh and fragrant diffuser which inspires calmness.

      Fragrance: A delightful union of Bamboo Foliage and rich Green Florals. The subtle character of this fragrance is very therapeutic.

      Clean & Fresh: Bamboo & Green Florals

      Fragrance Family: Fresh 

      "If every morning, you can find a reason to say, 'yes, it's going to be a beautiful day.' and every day, you find a reason to say, ' yes, its a beautiful day'. and every night, you find a reason to say, 'yes, it was a beautiful day.' then one day, you'll look back and easily say, 'yes.. it was a beautiful life.' " - Doe Zantamata

      • Long lasting 3-4 months
      • Alcohol free
      • Made with imported ingredients from Australia and the US
      • 150ml
      • Great gift for the home or office