To Be Calm introduces its upcycle range

Luxurious, yet affordable home fragrance retailer, To Be Calm, known for their beautiful fragrances, unique gifts and stunning seasonal candles has introduced a great concept allowing for their beautiful porcelain candle vessels to be refilled and recycled.
To Be Calm’s tea caddy range has always been a favourite with customers and now with the option to re-fill their vessel – customers will be excited by this new addition.
Adding onto To Be Calm’s candlemaking workshops that were a hit throughout 2017, To Be Calm will also be offering their tea caddies to be refilled, reused and recycled by customers. You can simply drop off your vessel and choose a new fragrance or simply refill with your favourite – all the while enjoying your time spent in store sampling fragrances.
Headquartered in Singapore, To Be Calm’sOwner and Creative designer, Australian Cherylynne Clews is passionate about using fragrance and is very excited about this new initiative:
“In today’s day and age it is so important to look at the environment around us. To Be Calm’s refillable vessels are designed to be refilled at the end of their life ensuring that your timelessly beautiful vessel will last you a lifetime. Simply choose your fragrance from our range of high quality blended fragrances and essential oils from Australia and your vessel can be hand poured by you or by our in-house candlemaker”, Cherylynne said.